Terms and Conditions for RavenSMS (Android Application)
Document version: 1.0

(Sec 1.1) Titles:
In below text, the titles of "programmer" and "developer" or "we" refer to all creators, designers and programmers of this program, and wherever one of those titles is used, it refers to all of the above.
Also, wherever we use the words "application", "program" or "app", we mean Android application RavenSMS. And wherever we use the title of "user", we mean the person who uses the mentioned program.

(Sec 1.2) Knowledge of software content:
The function of this program is described on the web page prepared to introduce the program and it is visible to the user at the time of download or installation.
By using this application, the user acknowledges that he has read this agreement.
The user of this program accepts that he knows the purpose of this program and knows its functionality. So he uses it knowing the function of the program.

(Sec 2.1) Data Collection:
The developer of this program claims that it does not collect any personal information from the user, either exchanged messages or other personal information, and also does not store it in a place other than the user's device. The developer of the program is not responsible for the transfer of this information by the used third-party libraries or by the store providing the program. This program by itself does not collect information to identify the user or encrypted messages. If this happens by other subcategories used in the program or the provider's store, the author is unaware and does not accept responsibility in this regard.

(Sec 2.2) Connection Statistics:
The user of the program gives permission to send statistics and non-confidential information from the device or program settings to his contact by sending a text message or sending an SMS to establish a connection. This information is for setting up the connection or necessary information to establish a connection that is needed for the program to work. This information includes the following and not limited to them.
 The device platform it uses. For example, Android or iOS. Is a paid/premium user of this application.

(Sec 2.3) Contacts:
This program does not send your contact list to any destination in any way. And it uses this permission only for the proper functioning of the application itself and your access within the application.

(Sec 2.4) Re-send, save and share messages:
Messages can contain private, sensitive or confidential information. Users of this program are responsible for forwarding or sharing messages received from other users through this program. And we recommend that you do not save, print, capture or share their messages without the permission of the original sender. Unless you are aware of the sender's consent for these matters.

(Sec 3.1) Local Laws and Cryptography:
This program and its author are not responsible for the government, national or local laws of the use of the program for the user, as well as the illegal or destructive use of the program by the user. The user should be aware of his local laws and act according to them before using.

(Sec 3.2) Prohibited Behaviors:
Any improper and unethical use of the program, including threatening, obscenity, defamation, insulting beliefs, cheating, messages based on racism, deception, spreading rumours, preparation for the crime, blackmail, Unconventional communication with minors, communication with criminals, sending spam messages, engaging in illegal activities and making baseless commitments by this program are strictly prohibited and if it is done, the user is responsible for it. And the programmer will not be responsible and not aware of such events.

(Sec 3.3) Manipulation:
 The creator of the program does not accept responsibility for malicious use of the program by individuals to manipulate the devices, as well as changes in the structure of the program for any damage to the device or the information inside it.
(Sec 3.4) MITM Attacks:
 The creator of the program does not accept responsibility for manipulation, deletion, eavesdropping operations, cyber attacks, unreal SMS and other operations that may happen to her/his SMS from the moment of creating message to the moment of receipt.

(Sec 4.1) Encryption Durability:
History has shown that encryption methods, even the most standard ones, are not future-proof. Usually after a few years they can be decoded and become obsolete. Therefore, the programmer or the providers of this program are not and will not be responsible for the disclosure of your confidential information due to the misuse or invalidation of the algorithms used in the program. This responsibility includes standard algorithms as well as methods that are designed and implemented only for this application or product.

(Sec 4.2) Encryption Failures:
This program is not responsible for the loss of encrypted data due to lost encryption keys or any other reason, including user mistakes or error in program design, and is provided as is. Therefore, it is recommended to always back up your sensitive information and if possible, keep a copy of your passwords and/or the encryption keys in a safe place.

(Sec 4.3) Software/Hardware Damages:
Based on the design and ensuring the correctness of the infrastructure used in the program, the manufacturer does not take responsibility for possible damage or losses incurred to the device or information stored in it.

(Sec 4.4) Change in content:
The user is aware that the text sent by SMS may contradict the written content. Because of the complex processing that is done on the content of the message and features for better readability of some text messages, the processed and displayed text can be different from the received SMS text.

(Sec 4.5) SMS Storage:
The programmer is not responsible for the loss or failure to save the sent or received SMS. Due to the complex functionality of the program, the user's ignorance, or the incorrect operation of the operators, there is always a possibility of SMS loss.

(Sec 4.6) Deleted and Replaced Messages:
The creator of the program does not accept any responsibility for deleting or changing the SMS received. Deleting or changing the received content can be done by the sender and is one of the features of the program. By installing or using this program, the user accepts and allows the SMS received by him/her to be changed or completely deleted by the sender.

(Sec 4.7) Timed messages and Corrupted messages:
The developer of this program will not be responsible for any losses caused by messages that do not reach their destination, messages that are not sent or received at the specified time, and also messages whose content does not reach their destination correctly for any reason.

(Sec 4.8) Notifications:
The programmer does not accept responsibility for the notifications of received messages that are lost or not appeared due to any reason, and also does not accept the responsibility for the losses caused by that. There is always a possibility of not displaying the notification. Even the user himself can be a factor for not displaying notifications.

(Sec5.1) Ownership:
App and its associated intellectual property are owned by the developer. Users are not allowed to copy, modify, or distribute the app without permission.
(Sec5.2) Source Copy:
Any copying of this program, whether of the user interface, images, texts, mode of operation, codes used in the program and designed protocol, is illegal and the owner of the program does not issue permission for these actions. And if proven, it will be dealt with legally. The communication protocol and mode of operation in this program is unique and was created by its creator.

(Sec6.1) Payment and Refunds:
We have used the Google payment system to make it possible to purchase the app and pay to access more features. Also, we are subject to the rules and conditions of Google Billing for refunds. At the time of writing this agreement, we do not use any other method to receive the apllication fees. Also, for paying taxes, we are subject to the terms and plans of Google, which collects this tax and pays it to governments.

(Sec6.2) Unauthorized Sale:
Selling or making money from this program, whether purchased or provided for free, except in a place and by someone approved and selected by the author, is completely illegal and will be prosecuted.

(Sec9.1) Changes to the Agreement:
App's developer have the right to update or modify the terms and conditions.
(Sec9.9) Contact:
You can contact the app's developer with any questions or concerns about the agreement or the app itself using this email address: dev.ravensms@gmail.com

Any unauthorized use of this e-mail address or sending irrelevant content to this e-mail is considered abuse and is prohibited.